About us

My first casino

My journey with casinos started about three years ago. First time I joined a casino been a student. I always was good at math and thought I'd come up with some genius idea about winning strategy. So much wasted money!

Casino winning strategy

Still, trying to win by investigating a strategy I've caught myself on a mind that it's actually fun to play! I've started playing more and more, till one day I won a really huge amount of money (for me, at that time) playing roulette in one small online casino. I felt so lucky until I got an official response from the casino in which they declined my withdrawal request. The reason for that was some violation of wagering limits.

That was the moment I realized that the gambling niche is not that easy. You have to watch out for each and every of your step and have good critical thinking starting from the moment of finding a legit & trusted casino. 

First analyzed casinos

At that moment I've started analyzing online casinos by different criteria, searching official information, and providing my feedback about them. I've shared the results of my analysis on my Facebook page and a lot of my friends liked it! 

AI casino analyzer

One day my friend contacted me with an idea of doing the same thing, but not manually. He had ideas about how to create an AI-based robot, which will analyze the casino by all those and a few more criteria and generate a trustful review.

That was the first day of CasinosAudit project!

It's been a year and a half since that day already! We worked really hard to collect and double-check all the information so that now you can use our resource to get a trustful review about more than 2000 casinos!

Welcome to the world of no scam casinos!